Teamwork in a project risk management paradigm

No single person can anticipate all the risks that face in a project. Project management requires that project members find, analyze, and work on potential risk together. Group synergy and interdependence in dealing with risk need to be rewarded. Formalize the customer and supplier team and merge the view points to form a shared product vision. Systematic methods periodically and jointly applied establish a shared understanding of the project risks and their relative importance. Establish joint information base of risks, priorities, metrics and action plans. Teamwork requires:

  • Working cooperatively to achieve a common goal
  • Pooling talent, skills, and knowledge

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About Sudhilal KK

Sudhilal plays a key role in Strategy, Planning, Project Delivery and Business Development for NetiApps. He works closely with the customers to offer custom built solutions and he is responsible for planning and execution of projects, budgeting, client relationship, alliances, business development and implementation of comprehensive marketing plans for the firm. Sudhilal is an accomplished relationship builder with a strong commitment to helping clients succeed, and developed many new relationships with clients in a variety of industries. He has brought to the table an experience of working with various developments and he has hands on experience in various areas:Software Engineering, Application Development, Business Analysis, Cost Estimation and Pre-Sales. Sudhilal enjoys expanding his own perspective and has done his Master of Science in Information Technology.

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