Choosing Right KEYWORDS, the first step of success in SEO

The first step of success in Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is to choose the right KEYWORDS. Keywords are the most important and essential SEO element for every search engine. Choosing irrelevant keywords, most likely you will only waste your time and money. Picking the right Keywords to improve for is hence the first and most critical stride to a fruitful SEO battle.

  • Choosing the Right Keywords to Optimize
  • Keyword Density
  • Keywords in Special Places

SEO Ranking factor

  • Backlinks, still the top SEO ranking factor
  • Click through rates (CTR) and Relevancy are the Major Google SEO Ranking factor
  • Social Media shares and signals can add more value to the keyword and take the website to the top
  • Website loading speed is very important
  • Placing keyword in webpage is very important
    1. Keywords in URLs and File Names
    2. Keywords in Page title
    3. Keywords in Headers

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