Mobile App Market in India

India is the fastest mobile application market by far exceeding other countries based on the app usage. Indian mobile users have downloaded 9 billion apps in the year 2015. The reason is simple, there is a mobile app for everything! And the interesting part is, an average Indian user installs more than 32 apps.

Based on a survey done by Ericson, Indians spend an average of three hours on their cell phones every day and the majority of time spent for shopping as well as for messaging.

Shopping apps are completely changing the marketplace, Apps like Flipkart and Amazon are given a good shopping experience for the users. There is a rapid growth in M-Payment apps too, For e.g. Apps like PayTm attracting lots of users.

Transportation is one of the other emerging industry for mobile apps. OLA & Uber are the market leaders in this category.

WhatsApp, Facebook, Instagram were the top apps of 2015 where Flipkart, Snapdeal, Amazon and Paytm remain the most popular eCommerce apps in the list.

The phenomenal growth of India’s telecom and Internet are the true game changer in the mobile app market, especially with the introduction of low-cost smartphones and 3G/4G network. India adds the highest number of internet users per year, vs. any other country in the world. Moreover, India stands in second place when it comes to the number of mobile phone users in the world with the highest ratio of 93.2 (Connections/100 citizens).

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