Drupal The Pros and Cons

Drupal The Pros and Cons

Drupal is the best choice for creating a powerful website capable of supporting large amount of traffic and managing extensive numbers of pages.

Drupal is a well-known content management system specially created for advanced designers to help you create a powerful website capable to handling large volumes of visitors and hundreds of pages of content. Drupal is so flexible it can create a simple blog as easily as impressive, interactive business sites. This flexibility makes this CMS a great solution for a growing business with ever-changing website needs.

While Drupal, one of the founding solutions in content management programs, has some of the best add-ons and plug-ins available, it isn't the most user friendly for novice web designers. It has a decent selection of themes, though it isn't as extensive as other CMS solutions and a site wizard for quickly getting your business site online. But in order to create an impressive and effective website, you need to use a lot of coding. Drupal does have a very good CMS community with a lot of user support.

Some of the add-ons available through Drupal include blog tools, email forms, search engines and site maps. These are basic features found on most websites, though Drupal also has a good range of add-ons especially for commerce and business websites. These include shopping carts, point-of-sale systems, help desks, live chat features and inventory management. This solution also has several tools for tracking projects, managing documents and creating database reports, functions that are important for mid-sized businesses with a lot of content to manage.

In addition to the active community support, Drupal includes many technical support options. You can connect with support personnel through email and through its several social media pages, including Facebook, Twitter, Flickr and Google Plus. The user guide is also available on its website to browse through, and there are several forums to ask questions and get hints and directions. As with most open-source CMS solutions, Drupal doesn't have telephone support available.

PROS - Drupal includes important content management tools including project tracking, file distribution and document management.

CONS - This program isn't easy for a beginner to use.


Drupal does have a very active community with enough support for developing your business website. While there are some tolls to help you easily create a basic blog or website, most of the tools and functions have been developed to support large amounts of website traffic and managing large volumes of content.

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