Google AdWords – Reach the Right crowd at the Right time.

Google AdWords is an advertising service by Google for businesses wanting to display ads on Google Search Engine. The AdWords program enables businesses to set a budget for advertising and only pay when people click the ads. The ad service is largely focused on keywords.

The goal of marketing - "reach the right people, with the right offer, at the right time." If you have an online marketing strategy, there's a good chance that Google AdWords is an important part of it. And if you're using an SEO for your Online marketing, you're probably carefully monitoring and hopefully optimizing your AdWords performance.

But like all things in marketing, AdWords isn't for everyone. Just because it's hot and all your friends are doing it, doesn't mean it will make business sense for you. Many companies delve into Google AdWords, only to throw in the towel a short while later. For a variety of reasons, they don't get the return on investment they think they should.

Even if you reach the right people with the right offer, you can fail if the time isn’t right. Think of a marriage proposal. You could have the right girl or guy and the right offer, but you’re not going to propose on the first date. The timing is critical.

Here are some ways to know if Google AdWords is or isn't for you.

  • Think like a visitor who visits your website.

Your Visitor/Customer are probably using the web to find you or companies like you. But if you re simply using your company name as your keywords, you're missing out. Organic search will almost always take care of that just fine, thank you very much. I just Googled a large organization by their name. The first listing was their AdWords ad. The second was their organic homepage listing.

Without thinking, I clicked on the AdWords ad. How many others are clicking on the ad instead of the organic listing? And how much unnecessary money is that costing the company? Are you in that position?

If your Visitors/customers already knows your name, they don't need AdWords help in finding you.

So think like a customer and make sure your keywords are whats driving buyers. Any good SEO Agency can help you with that and most of them will integrate with AdWords.

  • Prepare for the Battle 

If you're going to really benefit from AdWords, you'll need to be prepared to spend what it will take to get the clicks. If you're in a highly cut-throat industry, this means you'll need ample budget to get results.

A good AdWords strategy works to lower cost per click (CPC) and increase your overall ad quality score. But you'll still need to spend enough to make success happen. If you're pinching pennies and your competitors have big budgets and smart campaigns, you're in for a battle. One that you may not win.

  • Dedicate the time

The reason you use a top SEO agency is because you don't want to spare the countless hours finessing and tweaking your AdWords strategy. Sure, we get that. But you still need to monitor progress and ensure you re-strategy is reaching your audience. Someone from your team will need to commit to at least high level involvement in this campaign.

  • Monitoring

That takes us to the next step. AdWords will show you your conversion ratios, but often it's not that simple. You need to track inbound leads that come in through your website, phone lines, and through your front doors.

Especially if you're in a service business, many customers will look around and evaluate you. They may come back to your website or call your office for more information. These customers may have first learned of you from your pay-per-click ad, or been influenced by it, but it may have been your website or customer service team that sealed the deal. So take these spikes into consideration when measuring the success of your Adwords campaign.

Is it for you?

For many of you, Google AdWords is a very smart move. It can drive well qualified traffic if you do it well. But it's not a silver bullet and it's not a replacement for an organic SEO web strategy.

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