What are the underlying reasons for decreasing women’s workforce participation?

Over the years, I have hired outstanding women – educated, intelligent and highly articulate. In no means they are less than any male candidates in Knowledge and Work ethics, yet I am exhausted, to learn that these women have no freedom of choice!!! Yes you read it right... When todays World where we are speaking about been equal to opposite gender in all means, why we self-decide that our work is not our first priority?

I have had several women who quit the job to stay home to figure out what to do next, or some have  family issues where  women is expected to look stay back home or Husband/partner has been transferred to different city or state??? , incidentally, I have not had a single male employee quit with no plan in mind, or  for the same reason as women’s do.

I have had women cry and explain how helpless they are to obey the decision taking by their partners or parents, which sometimes make me feel there is no point been highly educated or independent, at the end she does not have a right to take decisions, and let go her career for the “one and only reason” that she is a women!  I feel it is not men who sabotage women and stump their career growth – it is women themselves with the poor ability to decide for themselves…Which makes Organization more insecure to hire women Employees due to work stability issue. Which has itself created an unwritten policy avoid women for any senior level Employment in Companies.

What is at the root cause of the problem? Lack of confidence? Wrong upbringing? It’s time for a must expected change in the industry.

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