The best exercise to attract more traffic through SEO

Those days were there, a person needs something like grocery, medicines etc has to travel a quite far.

During 1991-92 things changed in Web Development, Building website evolved. A few website owners got in on SEO in 1998 when search engines started becoming popular ways to discover the web. The major turning point for SEO came in 2001 when Google launched its greatest digital asset of all time (which no longer exists) the google toolbar.

Becoming an SEO expert is effortless than you think if you know the SEO best exercise to trigger more traffic.


When it comes to SEO, it is all about doing the right thing at the right time in a right way. SEO is the most effective way to bring huge visitors to your website. There is no secret method to rank one on Google. You can get the desired results by applying the SEO best practices.

Here are the SEO best practices that you can implement to increase visitors

1> Making a website to Mobile friendly

As the market changes from desktop to laptop to smartphones, more and more people are using soft devices such as smartphones and tablets to browse the web. Form 2016, most of the websites went one step ahead from creating mobile responsive to their websites. The tradition continues more and more in 2017. It's better to keep a track of your website, whether it be rendered properly in all varieties of mobile/tablet screens

2> Social content optimization

Optimizing the content and promoting it in different social media channels is another best way to drive traffic to your website and stay ahead in the market. How smartly you provide the content, the visitors tend to stay and eventually increase the dwell time.

3> Backlinks

Backlinks are one of the most core elements of SEO for many years. Some experts have found that, backlinks will remain the major ranking factor till next few years. To get good results with SEO and improve traffic, you must analyze the site’s backlinks and compare their value. Once you identify good backlinks, you can try to get more of the same. Without earning quality backlinks, you cannot get adequate traffic from Google or any other reputed Search engines.

SEO is not measured by the number of links, but it's measured by the number of backlinks you have earned

4> Regularly updating blogs

Blogs has been a win-win situation for SEO. Google or any other search engine always loves fresh and unique content. If the quality of the content is good, you will have a huge visitor following's, the reputation of the blog also get's increased and benefits of blogs are endless.

You can provide information regarding your product or service in depth through blogs, than answering all your customer's queries by email. Blogs can be promoted through social media platforms and get more traffic to your website.

5> Internal linking

Internal linking is one of good practise to keep your visitors engaged in the website. It helps them to navigate better. If good internal linking system is in place, quality backlinks also improve. The strength of your link profile can be highly affected by the internal linking structure of your website.

6> Regular Site audit and Google Search console

Errors in the website are common and we need to try minimising the errors. However, errors can damage the user experience.

Often spending time to check the performance of the website is doing well, is a key exercise. errors can ruin the performance of the website and it would be a negative impact from a user experience. This will affect the SEO performance of your website.

Google Search Console help you understand the site’s data in a better way. You can easily use Fetch as Google and see how Google sees your website. Check for the broken Urls, Analyze your performance on Google Search, Check how many links to your site etc.

There are many tools that help you conduct site audit and discover new ways to improve traffic.

7> Keeping track on competitor’s keywords

Often, keeping an eye on competitors will helps to learn a lot of the techniques they use. It helps your website to keep on track with your competitors.


These are the Best exercise to trigger More Traffic through SEO. You will get lots of benefits if SEO is done right. Staying hunger in SEO is the best medicine to achieve the success.

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