30-40% hike to switch

Form Quite a long we are seeing a trend where job Seeker are demanding 30-40% hike to switch, I had few interviews where these candidate  made me feel like  I’m most likely a middle person between Company and Job seekers, as they don’t see a HR more than a ladder to climb.

Since I do Recruitment for IT Sector, before taking any interview, I expect the candidate to be capable of the position offered, Excel in  technical skills, and his/her Logic is relevant. with all the positive attitude and hope when I speak to the candidates, they just disappoint me with one question "What percentage of hike can your Company offer me” followed by the statement “I already have an offer with 30% hike from my current CTC”

Well That itself upsets me about where our today’s generation is heading, why the decide the worth in percentage?, why do today’s youth don’t show patience until the Employer approve them for the Salary Negotiating   round, It’s obvious that the employer will not higher you without pay and no employer will take the interview of the candidate without knowing there current CTC.

Trust me we know that at the end Money matters, but don’t be in hurry where you just don’t listen to the Employer and put your own points, give a chance for the Employer to understand your worth.

There is fair possibilities of getting more Salary then your Expectation as you showcase attitude which is very rare quality to find in Job Seekers, you will surely impress your further Employer and increase the chance of getting hired.

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