Make Technology Your Concierge

One of the oldest industries in the market, hospitality requires the unique ability to maintain old world charm with high tech integration—an interesting conundrum but one that can be achieved if done right. Opulence is the object of sale and technology its marketer.

Now, the upgrades necessary is providing absolute convenience with the wizardry of technology making it an unobtrusive enabler of the high life so to say. This has morphed consumer expectations to exceed beyond the norm to something more dazzling.


Hospitality from being a provider of luxury has a need to provide the same now but with an element of ‘wow’. Showmanship (within limits, depending on the nature of service) is a definite added plus to the service.

Guest expectation

Convenience – It is a given you might think but the idea of convenience keeps changing every year. Keeping up to date with changing trends is imperative.

Innovation – There is always a better way to do everything so keep innovation a key component of your service

Personalised service – This is a fair enough expectation for why must the customer expect anything less from the hospitality industry when every other industry can offer them a personal touch?

On-point interaction – Before UI of the tech world took over, the hospitality industry had it, from the start – a single point of contact—the concierge. But finding a way to enable the concierge with the tools necessary for optimum service can offer your business major brownie points.

Exceed expectation

Employing technology is the new way forward for any industry and the hospitality industry is no exception. Being an industry that depends on direct interaction with consumers, the scope for learning and improvement through appropriate technology can be endless.

The following are a few areas where automation can aid the industry:

Consumer Data analysis - The industry traditionally, thrived on manpower making it a personal experience but less effective. But with data analysis software the same personal touch could be offered with far more efficiency and assured ROI based on consumer trend projections.

CRM – Since there is easy access to consumer data, a CRM system can help process and maintain the data and help assess consumer affinity. Using which, a customised experience could be offered to consumers, to the extent of even tailoring experiences specific to the consumers.

Mobile Application – Mobile application development can be your businesses go-to channel for innovation.

  • Offer smart room services – enable your guests to control their room’s amenities with their phones
  • Easy billing – facilitate payments through easy mobile-friendly payments methods
  • Virtual services – offer real-time order placements, direct booking and a means to explore your services on the go, for example: A virtual concierge as a single point of interaction
  • Monitor inventory and services – Enterprise mobile applications can help your business keep a check on your daily operations

Hosted tech infrastructure – Being a data intensive industry, using a hosted environment for your system would be easier not to mention economical as well.

The trick is to offer maximum accessibility without overloading your guests with information. Consider technological integration as the embellishment of an old world tradition of hospitality. It is up to you to make it sparkle bright enough to be seen in the market.


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