The Express-ion is…Wow!

Express delivery has been the primary contributor to our fast-paced lives—whether it is having important work-related deliveries or the ubiquitous rage of our generation – ecommerce! The concept of express delivery relies on the timely delivery of packages of any nature in its original form.


The Intent

Now, that may sound as simple in theory but its execution, not so much. The journey from the manufacturer to the end consumer is a complicated one with many focal points.

The physical setup involved and that transportation costs are undeniable and very rarely escapable with the primary drive of all these operations being end consumer satisfaction.

The catch

With the increasing competition, the rules have been modified for Supply Chain Management. Competition has driven businesses to modify what they offer to the consumers as a mark of distinction; driving them to look at the last mile delivery satisfaction that still holds the business’ brand stamp.

Gone are the days where businesses just needed their products to speak for themselves. This has given rise to challenges such as:

  • Customised last mile delivery
  • Shorter delivery period
  • Integrated Billing
  • Accurate inventory control

The solution

Thankfully for businesses, technology can come to the rescue. Data makes today’s world go round. Therefore, with proper data handling, processing and analysis, businesses can easily overcome the above mentioned challenges.

This benefits both the business as well as the consumer. A simple misprint of the name on the package or the wrong address can cause chaos in logistics. But setting up technology that can collect consumer data and process it so that the consumer is accurately tagged with critical details like address and contact information can make up for a lot.

This system can provide:

  • Data security for sensitive consumer data cannot be commonplace whatsoever
  • Accurate package mapping of orders for delivery
  • Assign deliveries to various hubs correctly
  • Tracking services at the consumer end with delivery personnel information for added security

How this benefits the business:

  • Such technology can provide businesses with increased manpower utilisation and efficiency with automated inventory control
  • Hassle-free back-tracking of orders for consumer trend analysis
  • Easy navigation through a database of consumer information for data analysis and business projections
  • A means of collecting feedback on hand-held devices at time of delivery with enterprise mobile applications
  • A way to build trust with consumers by providing them with detailed delivery information


The expertise

Cloud computing can come into handy in this field as connectivity and accessibility is critical. Also, data generated is vast and not having to worry about maintaining the technology infrastructure to handle that data is a great boon for businesses to have.

Mobile application development is another game-changer for businesses – it is all about the compatibility of your business on the smallest of devices. Make portability your goal and play around with UI and added personalised features to give your consumers a customised interactive experience.

Technology can be what you want it to be, so the success of your business can be defined by the expertise you hire to have it enable your business flawlessly. So ensure you make the right choice.


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