The Non-Profit ROI

Do ‘good’ and be better can be a clichéd adage for us all but this becomes a mantra for non-profit organisations around the world. The focus here is consumer awareness rather than revenue making the setup a very interesting one.

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Reach can be considered the primary metric for NGOs and maximising that would be a role technology solutions can solve for. Reach begets engagement which in turn stems from genuine interest, and that offers brand association which can convert to a partner or supporter.

Fund raising is the other challenge that NGO industry constantly battles.

Climb to the top

Set up your organisation online – Website and Mobile application

Website: Awareness of the cause is the groundwork for NGOs and the best way to begin is by acquiring a domain name and setting up a website. Attention especially to particulars such as UI/UX is integral so that navigation through the website promotes ease of use.

A website is beneficial in leveraging Content marketing

Mobile: A mobile application can up the awareness quotient especially when using digital marketing as a means of communication. The reach on hand-held devices is proven to be larger.

Make your presence known – Digital Media

A digital marketing strategy can do wonders for brand awareness but only if done right. Employing the right digital marketing services can make all the difference for then the impact can be measured and promoted through the appropriate channels. Thus expanding the consumer base and thereby piquing interest of potential benefactors.

Measure your interactions – CRM System

Owned media such as email, SMS and app notifications can be used smartly to promote the organisation. Regular consumer communication is essential in order to understand the consumer base better.

A CRM system helps collect and assess data in a controlled manner. Data collected through their interactions with the organisation can be quantified and analysed. The learning could be used to streamline consumer communication based on consumer affinity with the intent of boosting consumer interaction.

Get cheaper technology – Cloud Computing

The maintenance of servers and data systemsis a hassle and prone to risks of crashingwhen computing complicated data. The maintenance of which would require manpower that most businesses in this industry may not be able to afford.

A simple solution is to use Cloud PaaS. You’ll just need to focus on business process implementations and not worry about the impact it will have on the technology platform you use.

This makes accessibility around the world simple—perfect when there is frequent travelling involved

Alternate means of funding

Custom built software that helps accurately maintain your finances promoting alternate means of contributing funds can be considered a core system necessity.

Cross platform compatibility is important so that the business can be flexible. All the above trade secrets (if I can all say so myself) can be utilized to maximum advantage with decreased manpower utilization..

Now, that’s a good deal ain’t it?

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